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Core Equity Research Team
Building Customized Equity Portfolios

Long Term Wealth Creation
For investors having time horizon of minimum 3 years

Why Choose us?

Our Team has created successful stock portfolios based on inā€depth research. Performance Summary of our stocks is available on Past Performance page.

We aim for 25% CAGR over Long Term time horizon.Thus, generating Alpha over Nifty Returns.


  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • 24*7 Whatsapp Support
  • Detailed Reports
  • On call discussion with our team

Our Investment Philosophy

Quality Stock Picks based on fundamental Analysis of Companies

We bet on the management of companies. As future vision of a company depends on integrity & vision of members of board

Huge Wealth Creation is possible only in long term horizon.

Finding highly advantaged companies with moat

We follow scuttlebutt approach of investing as a part of research

Client focus - Investment strategies as per Client Risk Profiling & time horizon


Value Investing & Margin of safety

Skin in the Game

For more details write us at info@pawealth.in or Call/Whatsapp +91-9988275566